Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad Mix of Images or A Trip Report

How does a mixture of wild animals,crazy people and good food sound? After my trip to Monterey for five days it sounds pretty good. For my trip included all of that and more. Monterey for those of you not from California is located on Monterey Bay on the beautiful Central coast of California. It is close to quaint Carmel by the Sea the supposed artists colony and Paciific Grove where one of the large Monarch Colonies hang out there in the winter. It is also home to Pebble Beach for golfing and the famous Seventeen Mile Drive and the trademarked cypress tree. It is also fairly close to Santa Cruz being only about 40 minutes south of there. It is a little more a five hour drive south from Willits where I live. Quite the drive if you make it during rush hour from the Bay area!

Luckily for me Lady Lenore had to attend a Speech Pathology Conference in Monterey for four days. With some shuffling and a lot of help from friends and one very special Grandma Betty Lenore and I were able to spend five days down there. We had a great stay in the venerable old Monterey Hotel on Alvarado Street near Fisherman's Wharf. Lenore was mostly busy with the conference which gave me plety of free time to do some photography. In our times together for meals we got to dine in some mighty fine restaurants . We had German,Lebanese,Thai,Mexican and California Cuisine with a mix of American food thrown in. We decided the best meal of all was Casanovas for lunch in Carmel. It was absolutely perfect. I highly recommend it. Maybe they will thrown in a free dinner to me for that one. Hint hint.

So over the course of five days I made two trips to Santa Cruz to photograph the surfers at Steamers Lane. It is an absolutely superb place to photograph surfers. Late evening was the best. While there I met a photographer by the name of Jerry Miller that photographs there all the time. He shoots a wide variety of sports including climbers in Yosemite though he is strictly ground based on that one.

http://Image Event.com/Mr806

The Sea Otter Classic a major west coast bicycle event was going on at Laguna Seca Raceway and other locales. So there was a lot to photograph around that event.There were criterions and BMX races and my favorite the side by side downhill slalom. The races held on the track itself were difficult to photograph due to lack of access as it is set up for car racing.They need to work on that one for the spectators as well as photographers

I also took images at a car show right in front of my hotel. There were some beautiful cars from the local area with a few out of town cars thrown in for good measure. I didn't know that some low riders can be parked on the ground! There was even a Shelby Cobra that I wouldn't have minded taking out for a test drive.

Along the way I also shot images of a mix of Sea Otters, Sea Lions,Habor Seals and even California Ground Squirrels. I even got to see some otter researchers observing the Sea Otters in Moss Landing. Which would be best as an early evening shoot. Overall a pretty nice trip.

God's light and love to all,


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