Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First Impressions of the Canon Rebel T1i

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i isn't a a brand new just out on the market camera. In fact it has been out since spring of 2009. But I needed a cheaper camera body for the camera trap I'm building. That way if my camera set up is ever stolen I won't be out so much money. With a little research I found a Canon EOS Rebel T1i body for 180 bucks. There were some that were even less expensive but I knew that buying one from KEH it had a warranty and it was going to be very reliable. Yesterday I took the camera out for a spin and it is a nice and very responsive little camera.It focused fast enough for my needs and it was very easy to carry around. Here is an image Lenore took of me with Papaya the Blasted cat and Badger the Wonder dog. Paired with the TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 it was really easy to handhold and photograph this Turkey Vulture on a telephone cable line. I think this camera might get some use from me in more than just the camera trap. God's love and blessings to all, chris #TeamCanon, #WithMyTamron The portrait of me and the critters was created with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm lens. The T1i was photographed with a Canon 7D MkII camera and the Canon EFS 17-85mm lens.


  1. With the photo of the Vulture once again it just goes to show you that you don't need the latest and greatest camera equipment to create a decent image.

  2. What a pretty cat! Etsy has a watercolor artist that paints cats and dogs from photos. With your skill, that may not appeal to you. Glad you like your camera. We have a Canon but are too lazy to read up on its nice features..like video. oh well, we enjoy your fantastic shots!