Saturday, May 30, 2020

Badger the Wonder Dog

Sheltering in place has given some time to work on some personal projects. One of them dear to my heart is creating some portraits of our dog Badger. It's a work in progress as more ideas have been coming to my head. Luckily for me Lenore was able to help me today. The first photoshoot I had with Badger I did on my own and it was pretty tough. Badger handled it like a trooper. The fake red beam I had constructed was wobbly and slippery and he kept sliding down it. I sort of solved it by adding some black pads so he didn't slide down so badly. A couple of times he needed to be rescued as he was headed down like he was on a slide going backwards. This has been a really cool series to create. Hopefully there will be some more images of, Badger the Wonder Dog, to follow in the upcoming weeks. All of these images were created with a Canon EOS 7D or 7D MKII camera with a Canon EF 28-200 mm lens. Lighting was provided by Alien Bees Studio lights. God's love and blessings to one and all, chris #teamcanonusa

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