Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frost and Old Stuff

While dropping Annika off at school today I was amazed at the temperature difference between the ridgetop where we live and the valley floor below. In our family we sometimes play a little guessing game between us as to what the temperature will be either coming home up the ridge or going down into the valley. When Annika and I left the house it was 46 F up on the ridgetop where we live. Annika guessed it would be 32 F and I guessed it would be 34 F down below. I lost as Annika was closer for when we reached the valley floor it was 31 F.

Naturally there was a lot of frost tis morning due to the freezing temperatures. So I did a short tour of part of the valley and I made one image of a frosty landscape and a couple images of some old stuff.

God's blessings and love to all,


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