Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Long Winter

OK, so it's not really winter. You could have fooled me with all the rain we have been having. We have had some spring weather but it has been mixed with quite a bit of rain. Enough already! I awoke this morning to the steady beat of rain. when I looked outside all I could see was a wall of gray and raindrops on the window pane. All my prior thoughts of photographing bluebirds left my head. I think I'll go work out and run some errands downtown and in Ukiah.
Here are a few images from yesterday afternoon of the Little Lake Valley from my bedroom window and the raindrops on my window this morning.

God's light and blessings to all,



  1. The forecast called for thunderstorms today, all day. But, it was nice enough to stop long enough for the kindergarten and first grade to go to the Cal Fire station in Howard Forest and play in Willits Park.
    I can't wait until spring like weather comes.

  2. I tried to photograph bluebirds during a brief break in the storm today. As soon as I got into the photoblind it started pouring cats and dogs. So I gave up and picked Jay and Annika from school and went home. I'm glad the break was long enough for your kids to have thier field trip and some fun.