Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gift of the Rain

Yesterday morning when I walked out into the front yard I began noticing patches of fungi around the yard. These are a beautiful gift of the late rains we received earlier this week here in Northern California.For those of you unfamiliar with California weather it is uncommon to get rain in the summertime except up in the Sierra Mountains.We had four days of rain resulting in some fungi sprouting up in the front yard as well as weeds that I
thought we were done with in the backyard. Looks like it's back to weeding! God's light and love to all, chris


  1. Thank you for dropping in for a look and leaving such a nice comment, lucidimagescouk.

  2. I am from a beautiful island and you sir amaze me. I want to get into digital photography and I am doing a blog on my country and my other intrest. Do you use the Canon 50D camera? can u suggest a more entry level cam -would be much apreciated thank u.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment on my photoblog. NextGen-Tech kid (Bibi). I do use the Canon 50D as my primary camera. Any of the entry level DSLRs from the major camera companies would work. Cost is always going to be an issue. I would suggest buying one used from KEH camera in Atlanta. They have a solid reputation for used equipment.If you only want a new camera then perhaps a Pentax K-x, Canon EOS Rebel T3, T2i,Rebel T1i or Nikon D3100. I wish you luck in your photography.