Monday, July 1, 2013

Relatively Speaking

Recently I was given an old handbill form San Francisco that was from 1892. The bill was in pretty bad shape so I thought it would be best to digitize it before it's completely lost. So I did clean it up quite a bit.It's an ad for the United States Watch Company that has a little boy on it.The little boy on it was my Great Uncle Henry Schwerin who was just shy of three years old when he modeled for the handbill. He went on to live a pretty colorful life. He market hunted for ducks on San Francisco Bay and fished for sharks during WWII as a commercial fisherman.Family rumor has it that he won his common in law wife in a poker game. I'm sure that has got to be stretching the truth a bit! He eventually did marry her when they got him drunk and flew the couple up to Reno in my Uncle Bob's plane. Another wild story. It is also said that on family dinners when he was present the wine always got spilled.He was quite the character. God's love to all, chris

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