Friday, October 10, 2014

Taking What You are Given or Images are Where You Fnd Them

The second day of my trip to Colorado and Wyoming was a travel day. Starting off with airport food. Ham and cheese crepe. I spent the majority of my flight from San Francisco to Denver glued to the window of the aircraft watching the endless landscape slip slowly away beneath me. I have always been fascinated with both geography and geology so flying in a plane is never boring to me especially if I have a window seat. Upon landing I went through the mechanical steps of picking up my luggage and rental car. From there even though it was midday I headed west from the airport to one of Denvers best kept secrets Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. The arsenal is right in the shadow of the city. Rocky Mountain Arsenal was a United States chemical weapons manufacturing center. The site was operated by the United States Army throughout the later 20th century until it was closed in 1992. In 2011 parts of it were opened as part of a National Wildlife Refuge. It has an incredible diversity of wildlife. I drove the auto tour and photographed a bison and a view of the Rocky Mountains. When I was leaving the refuge I spotted a huge semi that must have been used by Ford Motor Company to tout its new Ford F150 Pick up. I then headed out into rush hour traffic to my good friend Dan Burkes house. When I arrived at his house I found a great fungi in his lawn which I promptly photographed. Many time images are where you find them.Oh my what a mixed bag of images! God blessings to all, chris


  1. Beautiful photographs Chris I really enjoyed those lots especially the one above the clouds. =0)

    Just Fluttering Around

  2. Thank you Marie Flutterby for the comment. It's always fun for me to fly and get a different perspective of the world.