Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm Feeling Crabby!

I really like photographing smaller critters. It's not to say that I don't like photographing bison or elk because I do. It seems that I'm often drawn to photographing much smaller wildlife. It also gives the viewers a better image of more of the wildlife found in the environment. While in Costa Rica I had a great time trying to get images of the sand and land crabs. This meant that I often times stood for good lengths of time waiting for them to come out of their burrows. Other than the sand crabs two of the coolest crabs that I encountered were a female land crab with eggs at our hotel in Tamarindo. She was on the walkway just outside of our room. She raised her claws up in defiance when I stepped out of our room and then slowly backed away. Her lower carapace was just loaded with eggs as you can see in the last image. The other encounter was getting to see part of the crab migration. I was driving a dirt road near Langosta beach and I kept seeing flashes of red as I was driving along. It dawned on me that there were hundreds of crabs crossing the road towards the coast. The little red and black crabs migrate at the beginning of the rainy season to mate along the coast. They travel sideways in fairly straight lines only making turnes to go around objects they can't climb. It was a pretty amazing sight to see so many crabs at one time. God's light and love to you, chris

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