Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sad Reminder

The smoke remains as sad evidence of the fiery disaster that struck Northern California and is still not over yet. In the late hours of Sunday night and early hours of Monday morning devastating fires swept through many areas of Northern California and the wine country. Where I live in Willits the fire came to within about eight miles from where I live. We voluntarily evacuated as we could see the flames on the ridge tops to the east of us. We spent four days voluntarily evacuated to the small town of Laytonville to the north of us. It feels great to be back home though our cars are still packed and ready to go should the winds whip up the fire in our direction. Please pray for the victims of these fires. Those who have lost family members, friends,houses and pets in this horrific event. God blessings and comfort to all those affected by these fires, chris

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