Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Working My Way Down

I love wide angle lenses! I haven't had the good use of one for awhile now due to the fact that my previous one took swimming lessons in Pyramid Lake in Nevada a few years ago. At the time I dried it out in an oven and it worked well for awhile but the image quality of the lens has slowly been degrading. I finally retired it this week with the purchase of a newish lens. This morning I took it out for a work out as I worked my way downward in the fog off of the ridge top.With the ever changing fog there were always new compositions to seek out. I hope that you enjoy these. God bless, chris


  1. Thank you very much for Beautiful photos.
    I enjoy your nice photos evey day. thank you.

  2. I appreciate your comment Akira Higa. I'm glad I can bring some enjoyment to your day with my photography.

  3. Nice pics. My fav is the one with beam of light.

    Sha Khalid @premium beautiful blog

  4. I'm so glad that you dropped by for a look Sha Khalid. Thank you for your comment.