Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Want a Cookie?

Most people just love a great chocolate chip cookie. I must say that I'm no exception to that! Last night I whipped a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies and I piled them high up on the rack to cool. This morning I went out into the backyard and worked on a new bird photography set up. As I was working it dawned on me that it was going to take awhile for the birds to find and start using the new feeder location and I wondered what I should photograph instead. Immediately that pile of cookies came to mind. When I came in to the house I grabbed the rack of cookies and placed them on a white sweep. Next I grabbed four lights, two for the background and two for the cookies. After a bit of maneuvering of the lights and changing the camera position a few times I had exactly what I wanted and they looked delish. God's tender love and blessings to all, chris Image created with a Canon 7D and a Canon 28-105 lens at 65mm. Camera settings used. AV mode, ISO 200, F 16.0 at 1/30th of a sec. The camera was supported by a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with a Bogen ballhead.

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