Friday, January 6, 2017

Admiral Hotel

When we were in Copenhagen we stayed at the Admiral Hotel which was a converted grain storage building built in 1787. Our room was very warm and comfortable. It had huge wooden beams supporting the ceiling which gave the room a historic feel. We had a room on the second floor with a little balcony that had great views of the harbor with its working boats, water taxis and sight seeing boats. The lobby had large scale model ships in glass cases scattered about adding to the nautical theme of the building. This was important as the building is right on the harbor and ships could pull alongside the pier to load and offload their cargo. The hotel was centrally located and was two blocks from Nyhavn one way and three blocks from Amalienborg Castle the other. It was also just across the bay from the opera house. The hotel was originally built as two warehouses for the trading company, Østersøisk-Guineiske Handelskompagni. It was later taken over by the trading firm by Pingel, Meyer, Prætorius & Co. The buildings were finished in 1787 to designs by engineering officer Ernst Peymann. The building was taken over by the Swedish Crown in 1788 and put into use as grainaries. The two buildings were later connected together in 1885 to make one long building. It was converted for use as a hotel in 1978 and remodeled in 2004. We had a good time photographing our hotel and the views from it of the opera house and of the new ski slope being built across the bay. Can you spot the ski slope? Its the truncated cube. A large silver building behind the workboat in the images below. Lacking mountains for a ski area they decided to build one. Have a great day and God bless, chris All images were photographed with a Canon 7D mkII. #teamcanon

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