Friday, January 13, 2017

Bicycle, Bicycles and More Bicycles

The first thing I noticed after walking around a bit in Copenhagen, Denmark is that the are an awful lot of bicycles. There are bicycles everywhere. Apparently there are more bicycles than citizens in the city. Thirty-six percent of the population commute to work or school every day by bicycle! There are close to 400 kilometers of bicycle lanes and paths through out the city. I noticed many places where there were three lanes. One for auto traffic. One for bicycles and the last lane for pedestrians.You had to really watch where you walked to be careful and not get run over by a bike by walking in a bike lane. Though I only had one close call. People really seem to honor the lane system and the traffic laws.The terrain is flat and really well suited for travel by bike.God's love and blessings upon you, chris All images were created with a Canon 7D mkII.

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