Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mob

This morning I got up before the sun rose to take some Bandtail Pigeon images. Wild Bandtails are unlike city pigeons in that they are extremely wary and don't like to be around people. They are also a beautiful bird with bright yellow orange feet and a irridescent purple patch up along their neck along with a striking white neck band that gives them their name.

They are also part of the mob. They together with the Stellars Jays and Gray Squirrels control the bird feeders at my house. If they are on the feeder it is rare to see any other bird great enough to be on the feeder at the same time.There is a distinct pecking order to who gets to be on the feeder. The squirrels are at the top of the heap followed by the Bandtails and then the Stellars Jays.

I sat in my rolling blind ( for about an hour before the Bandtails finally overcame their wariness to come in to the feeder. When they did it was with a lot of pushing,shoving and squabbling. I'm always amazed at how many pigeons can squeeze onto the feeder. I finally quit when the lighting got too harsh for photography. It was a nice morning for photography.

God's blessings to all,


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