Saturday, March 26, 2011

Patience My Dear Boy

Today was one of those days where living on a ridgetop clearly has its disadvantages. All day long it was foggy and rainy. It was at least until Jay and I did a run to the dump about three thirty in the afternoon and we discovered it was pretty nice down in the valley below. The clouds were stacking up against the ridgetop keeping us in a perpetual fog bank while the valley below was blessed with quite a bit of mixed sunshine.

After completing my chores downtown I headed out to the Burris ranch to restock the bird feeders. When I was done I rearranged the perches and decided to try a little photography as the weather was so nice. For some reason none of the birds liked the perch I had chosen to try and get an image on so I tried a different one. The birds ignored that one also. I tried a third perch and the birds started using the second one I had just been on. I recognized that I was being impatient and decided to stick with the third perch that I was focused on. My patience paid off as I was soon rewarded to take image after image for quite awhile before it started getting dark and the rain came.

God's love and blessings to all,


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  1. We had a similar experience yesterday, but it was with the sun. When we stopped the sun seemed like it would make an appearance. After some minutes we would give up and get in the car to move on. And, wahla, the sun would peek out as seen as we started to drive away. This happened several times. We finally stopped chasing the sun and focused on the cows.