Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prospective Tenant

I just got back on Friday from a five day fishing and photography trip to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. I have been buried in images to process so that is why there hasn't been any postings on the Photoblog recently. Yesterday I took a break from the computer and went out to the Burris Ranch to restock the bird feeders and set up the photo blind. I'm glad I did because one feeder was empty and the other one was half full. When I was done I sat on the tail gate of my truck and just watched the birds coming and going. I happened to look down hill at one of the bird houses I erected and lo and behold there was a male Western Bluebird checking out the prospective lodgings. Hopefully he and his wife will move in and have a family for me to photograph coming and going.

God is good all the time,

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