Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trip Report Part Two Other Birds

The Sacramento Valley trip in Northern California continues. Besides Mallards there were a few other visitors to the blind at Delevan. A pair of Gadwall swam by and the usual ever present American Coots. Even a group of four White Fronted Geese came by for a short visit.The most colorful bird of the day was a Meadowlark that landed in a tree above the blind and proceeded to serenade me with its' territorial song. I left the bind when the Meadowlark left and nothing came to the blind for close to an hour.

I then made the drive up to the main Sacramento Refuge and took the Auto Tour around the refuge. If you ever get the chance to do the auto tour in mid january it is well worth the drive with tens of thousands of ducks and geese sometimes on the ponds right off of the auto tour route. Today however most of the waterfowl were dispersed from the refuge now that the hunting season for them is over. But there were still a lot of birds to see and photograph including many birds of prey in the trees right above the road.This included a Turkey Vultureand a Redtail Hawk.

Waterfowl wise I photographed a Ringneck Duck, Snow Geese a huge flock and a single. Both Green Wing and Cinnamon Teal. Completeing the Auto tour I headed south through the valley town of Maxwell where on the outskirts of town there wasa flock of White Faced Ibis that flew in to feed. Overall it was an exciting trip full of opportunities to photograph birds and even a squirrel. I also got to see three River Otters and a Peregrine along the way but they weren't in locations I could photgraph them. Maybe next year.

God's blessings and love to all,



  1. Thank you very much, nina kuriloff. It was nice of you to drop in for a look and leave such a nice comment.