Monday, June 4, 2012

Birds on a Branch Not. "House Finch"

You probably may have heard of an old song with the line. "It never rains in California..." well this morning that definitely was not true in Northern California where I live.It was pouring down rain at times. I decided to go work out at the gym and then go out to the Burris Ranch for some bird photography. I actually like photographing in light rain as compared to a bright sunny day. Rainy days have this light that gives really rich saturated colors that I like. I managed to get out to the photoblind and restock the bird feeders between showers. The photography was a bit slow but the birds were really cooperative staying on the perch for long periods of time. Around eleven the rain started pounding down and I was wondering how long I would have to stay in the blind until it stopped, when suddenly there was a break in the rainfall. I quickly packed up my stuff and headed for the pick up. I almost made it too before the heavens opened up again and baptized me.I was a bit wet but I stuffed my camera under my jacket so it was fine.I headed home for some editing of the images I had taken. After some work I narrowed my images down to five that I wanted to post for the photoblog. Then I came across the sixth image. Now jumping back a bit or perhaps forward depending upon your point of view I'll admit the title is a bit confusing. I was going to call this photoblog entry "Birds on a Branch" but after finding the sixth image I felt it was just stunning because it is so detailed and colorful.I decided to just post one image for today instead. God's love and blessings to everyone, chris

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