Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Hot

This morning as I am typing Lance the Wonder Dog is panting on the floor beside me. I think it is going to get rather warm today. I got off to a late start as (Bad)ger dog awoke me at four fifteen wanting to go to the bathroom. So consequently I overslept and didn't get out into the blind until after eight. The blind was like being in a sauna and I regretted wearing a long sleeve shirt. It was a might bit warm in there! Happily it was however mosquito free unlike yesterday where the hum of a mosquito was driving me crazy and I had forgotten to bring any repellent with me. Between yesterday and today I photographed many Steller's Jays and one lone Band-tailed Pigeon that I was quite happy to photograph in a couple of poses. Enjoy and God bless, chris Please take some time to check out my new book, "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography" available for preorder (just in time for Christmas) at Amazon and other fine book sellers. A perfect gift for yourself or a photographer or birder you may know.

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