Monday, May 20, 2013

Douglas Iris

The most prolific wildflower around my house at this time of year are the Douglas Iris.I look forward to them blooming every year. Right now they are in bloom in small scattered patches over the ridgetop where I live. They and hundreds of other plants across western North America are named after a Scottish botanist David Douglas (1798-1834) He was a remarkable adventurer who explored from Hudson Bay,the Pacific northwest and down into California collecting plants and seeds for Royal Horticultural Society in England. His name is now associated with hundreds of western plants and trees. His name may be found as the place name on mountains, rivers, counties, schools and even on city streets in many locations in the west. Sadly his life ended in Hawaii in a pit trap set for cows. He fell into it and was mauled to death by a bull. It is unclear whether he or the bull fell into the pit first. God bless and safe journeys, chris

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