Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moths of the Morning

Last week Annika looked out the back door and exlaimed."Look at all the moths!" Sure enough there was a snow storm of moths flying crazily around the back door porch light.I'm not sure of the numbers involved but it had to be between one and two hundred of them. They were everywhere on the window, the walls and doors adjacent to the porch light.Last night there didn't seem to be as quite as many but there were quite a few still left on the side of the house this morning. With a little finesse I was able to tranfer a few of them one at time onto a rock to be photographed. Their intricate wing patterns are just amazing. You can tell that they are moths and not butterflies due to the fact that their antennae don't have a little ball on the end. In fancier terms Most butterflies have thin filament-like antennae that are club-shaped at the end. One the other hand, moths often have comb-like or feathery antennae.Close up some of them resemble a comb or a feather. I had some fun photographing them this morning. An enjoyable and interesting way to start my day. God's love to all, chris

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