Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letting your Hair Down

Last night we smelled smoke and this morning the Little Lake Valley was full of it. The fire season has started and there were two fires in neighboring counties that blew smoke our way overnight. I took Badger the photodog with me to the photoblind out on the Burris Ranch this morning. He sat very patiently while I photographed House Finches. There were House Finches galore with a few Goldfinches,Titmice and even one Junco. The California Valley Quail made a surprise showing. Usually I can hear them way off. Today they were quiet as little church mice. I was kind of shocked to see about six of them suddenly appear out of nowhere! They stayed on the ground as I think they were camera shy. My favorite image of the day was a House finch that puffed up its feathers and it looked like a baby chicken. Great way to let your hair (Feathers) down. I had a great morning in the blind. God's light and love to all, chris

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