Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day Eleven

Day eleven of my trip to Colorado and Wyoming found me still in Lusk, Wyoming. Lusk is a small town in eastern Wyoming almost to the Nebraska border. It's ranching country as far as the eye can see. The topography is mostly low, rolling hills broken up by chalk buttes and small creeks. North of Lusk are the Hat Creek Breaks which are quite beautiful. I spent the morning chasing silhouettes in the sunrise and then Steve my brother in law took me on a grand tour of the old Deadwood to Cheyenne Stagecoach route. We drove up north of the breaks and the turned east and then south along the old stage route. There were places where the road and the stage route split and you could see the old wheel ruts cut into the prairie. We stopped at the old Hat Creek Stage Station and Post Office. The doors were open and you could go inside and look around. I photographed the outside widow which was pretty cool. Along the way we passed a few old abandoned ranches. We stopped at the top of the breaks and got out of the pick up for the view. You can see Nebraska and South Dakota from up there.On the walk back to the car we found a dinosaur fossil. You could see the fossilized sections of the vertebrae in the dirt. Unfortunately I was so excited at the find we didn't photograph it. Once we got back to Lusk we headed out to the golf course to look for Pronhorns but the were too far off. I settled for photographing a BNSF coal train, Izzy the Chihuaha and Steve's Jack Russel named well "Jack". May God bless you and keep you, chris All images created with a Canon 7D and a variety of lenses.

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