Thursday, November 6, 2014

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

I was up and quietly out the door at five thirty on day ten of my trip. The roads were a bit icey as there had been about a half inch of snow fall the night before. In fact I passed a roll over accident that had a cluster of emergency vehicles around it where highway 85 cuts off from I-25. I pray everyone was OK. I was up so early because I wanted to catch one of the magnificent sunrises over the plains. I was glad that I did because just north of Cheyenne the sky looked like it was on fire. Just knock out incredible. Eastern Wyoming has a charm all its own. The wide open spaces just invite you to photograph them with all that sky that goes on forever. It's also known for its windmills because it seems like the wind never stops blowing. When you hit a day with no wind it can seem like heaven. The drive up to Lusk was uneventful and I stopped a lot. There were a few Mule Deer to be seen and surprisingly a lot of Pronghorns. It was hunting season and I guess they just hadn't gotten the notice yet. I even photographed a Ring Necked Pheasant on the side of the road and sadly I found a dead doe that tried to jump a fence and didn't make it. When I arrived in Lusk I found my brother in law Steve and I helped him with inventory at the local Elks lodge. Afterwards we had a great lunch together and caught up on things. God's blessings, chris Images created with a canon 7D and a Canon 100-400 L IS lens. Scenic images done with a Canon 10-22mm lens


  1. Your pictures were well worth the early wake up call.

    1. Thank you you so very much for the comment, Split Pea Traveler. Nice of to stop by for a look.