Monday, September 19, 2016

Disaster, "The Big Show" and Downtown

On day two of my big adventure first I hit RMA refuge early in the morning and then I went to the Rockies Dodgers game at beautiful Coors Field. While walking from the parking lot to the stadium I heard a loud thunk and then a clattering noise behind me. I turned around to see what the strange noise was. I stared dumbfounded at my telephoto lens lying there on the concrete. I'm always very careful at securing my lenses. What could have possibly happened? A quick check of my day pack showed me that the zipper had broken allowing the lens to fall from my back pack to the concrete. I put the lens on my camera and shot a few images. Everything seemed to be okay until I went to clean the front element of the lens and discovered that it was cracked all around the edges and there were pieces of broken glass clinging to the inside. Surprisingly with it being a high quality lens I was able to photograph with it for the rest of my trip. Watching the the game was great. I met my brother Eric there and he bought us tickets about half way back in the shade just off of third base. The shade was perfect because it was a warm day in the mid seventies. I took a few breaks from watching the game to photograph it with my broken lens and was very happy with the results. For lunch I had a Chili Verde Burtito and it was only eight bucks. A great price for any ball park and it was made fresh right in front of me and was delicious. Best thing of all was the Rockies beat the Dodgers 7-0. The Dodgers got payback that night coming back to beat the Rockies 10-8. After the game rather than drive on the craziness of I-25 I drove all the way down Broadway to experience all the architecture of Denver.What a great game and a great day. I'm shipping the lens off for repairs this week. God's love and blessings to all, chris

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