Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hitting the Parks

Day three of my photo adventure to Colorado found me visiting my good friend Dan in Centennial, Colorado. We both love hiking and have had many adventures together over the years. I was looking forward to photographing some Wood Ducks. We headed over to Sterne Park which is pretty close to where he lives. Usually this is a fantastic place to photograph Wood Ducks. All we found were a lot of immature birds and they were all on shore in the grass. Instead of ducks I photographed a bridge! Oh well. Next stop was Ketring Park which is nearby. There I found a very cooperative hen Mallard sleeping on a rock. She was sleeping until I plopped down on the shore nearby. Then she opened her eyes to keep a close watch on me to make sure I wasn't up to something evil. We also ended up rescuing another Mallard that was tangled up in fishing line. C'mon people clean up your excess line when you are fishing. After Ketring we drove over to Chatfield State Park where we spotted a canine beast running through a field beside the road. Then we went for a long enjoyable walk along the Platte River. What a great morning. God bless, chris all images were created with my Canon 7D mkII and my Tamron 150-600mm lens. Pretty impressive for having a cracked front lens element and a loose mount!


  1. That bridge is lovely. What lovely light. Reminiscent of Monet's lily pond bridge. Merci, Chris.

  2. Yes, quite lovely light on the bridge! Your dog is a fox! That was a surprise and lovely as well. Would love to see a fox in the wild.

  3. Wow, that is beautiful. Great pictures.