Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Today on a trip downtown a Sooty Grouse ran across the road in front of me and the flew up to a low hanging branch of a fir tree. My mind was flooded with the memory of the first grouse I ever saw as a kid. I was about ten years old and early one fall morning we were hiking into the upper Colorado River to fish for Brook Trout. We used to bring a cast iron frying pan and some canned white potatoes. We would catch a bunch of fish and fry them up for lunch on a fire right next to the river. Along the trail on the hike in a Dusky Grouse ran ahead of us and flew up onto an overhanging branch that was about six feet off of the ground. It stayed in place while we all walked under it down the trail. That memory has stuck with me all of these years. It was really nice to see the Grouse this morning as I have been seeing less and less of them over the past few years. God's blessings upon your week, chris #TeamCanon, #withmytamron

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