Friday, September 22, 2017

Postcards from Greenland

Well not exactly post cards. But I was super excited to see Greenland from the air when we flew over it in daylight on our return trip from Europe this last summer. The whole return flight was cloudy except for flying over the ice cap of the southern part of Greenland. 80% or 666,000 sq. miles of Greenland is covered by an ice cap that is roughly 6,000 to 9,00 feet deep. That's a lot of ice! This summer the ice cap saw the highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded there during the summer. On July 4th they recored a low of -33C at Summit station and in the same month on the 28th they recorded a high of +1.9 C. The most disturbing sight for me to see was the ice melt in center of the ice cap around one of the rocky peaks poking up through the ice. Though this year the ice sheet data shows no net loss for this year pending checking some more incoming data. God's blessings upon you weekend, chris Canon 7D MkII exposure varied. #TeamCanon

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