Monday, May 3, 2010

Bag Shoot

Today I didn't feel that well. I kind of moped around the house. Set up a new Pay Pal account for a Christian Stock agency that will be opening up in the near future. I brightened up this afternoon when I picked up a quick job shooting a bag. There is a talented local woman and her cousin starting up a business selling a wide variety of fabric bags. When I saw the samples I was really impressed. The full gamut of colors and styles is quite amazing.My mind was jumping all over the place as I was talking to her thinking of all the different ways I could photograph them.

In the end I took one of the brightest bags and put it on the infamous wood table at a forty-five degree angle with a bright yellow background that seemed to really suit the bag.I lit the background with a shoot through white umbrella. I lit up the bag with bare lights from the side at level height and from the front head on.

In the end I was fairly pleased wit the final image. I'm going to revisit it later and curve the handles some more and primp up the bag a bit more.

god's light and love to all,


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