Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting There

Today I made some pretty good progress towards the image I want to create. I almost always have a vision of what I want to create and today I came just a little closer to what I want. A lot of birds came today and it gave me some good opportunities for some nice images. Still looking to create a beautiful flower image with a bright colored bird perched on it. An image that is in direct contrast to the image of the Turkey Vulture I took on the way out to the ranch today.

When I finished photographing today I explored a little bit of the lower end of the ranch down by the barn as there is so much of the ranch that is new to me. I was happy to see a covey of California Valley Quail and pair of Western Bluebirds. This convinced me to move my blind down into a clearing in the blackberry bushes out in the horse pasture.

It also made a lot of work for me as I had to make a barrier out of railroad ties to keep the horses away from both my blind and my feeder. I was one tired puppy when I finished. When I got home I immediately went to work and ordered some live mealworms to be shipped to me for the Bluebirds. The next order of business was to make two more bird feeders. One to put up where I have been shooting and one meal worm feeder to put into the pasture next to the blackberry bushes. Should be some fun shooting coming up.

God's blessings to all,


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