Friday, January 21, 2011


The natural world around us is beautiful place. We get to see gorgeous birds and animals. It's always amazing to me that we don't often see the other side of what really goes on out there in the world of nature. That beautiful hawk that we see up in the tree on the side of the road has to eat sometime. Those herons and egrets that we spy on the bays and lakes have to eat too. As do the bears, mountain lions and raccoons etc.. If you watch long enough or are observant enough you get to see them trying to get there meals too.
I was down in Ukiah last week at one of the big box stores loading my purchases into my cart when I heard a mad flutter of wings from the bushes about twenty feet behind my car. There was a Sharp Shin Hawk diving into the bushes trying to grab the terrified sparrows inside. He really ripped around the parking lot diving into bush after bush. It was amazing how fast it all occurred. To all of those predators much of the wildlife we see is food to them. It's prey!
Todays image is a turkey that fell prey to some predator and then the remains became food for the vultures to eat. Not the prettiest image but it tells a tale of our natural world.

God bless,