Monday, March 12, 2012

From the Woodpile

Today was a jam packed day. I got up early and dragged myself out of bed to take Jay to school at seven. Isn't Daylight Savings time fun? I'm normally a morning person but I didn't like getting up in the dark again. Afterwards I went to the gym and worked out.When I finished it was reasonably light enough to do some photography so I headed out to the Burris Ranch.The birds were really active and I ended up staying in the blind until past ten thirty. It was heavily overcast with some sunlight streaming through once in awhile.Perfect for photography!

I packed it in around eleven as I had a doctors appointment. Later I headed back out to the blind after a quick burrito for lunch.By then the wind had picked up and I needed to try using something other than the flowers I had been using as a perch. I looked around for something to use and found a piece of grainy firewood that looked pretty cool.
The photography was pretty tough as I ended up holding the blind down with one hand and operating the camera with the other. At one point my faithful blind dog Badger tried to bolt from the blind when a really strong gust rocked it. Unfortunately his leash was attached to my chair bringing him to a rather abrupt stop.After about ten more minutes heavy windy gusts I called it a day. The piece of firewwood worked really well and I liked the images that I created with it.

God's precious love and blessings to you all,


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