Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's in the Details.

Yesterday when I was photographing Mountain Quail the Wild turkeys stopped by for a snack. Because I was photographing quail I had the photoblind rolled up fairly close to the bird feeders. As a consequence of that the turkeys were rather large in the viewfinder. You could easily pick out minute details in their caruncles, snoods and wattles. Wow, that was fun to write. The wattle is the bright red skin that hangs from a turkey's neck. The caruncle is the reddish-pink fleshy growth on the head and upper neck of the turkey and the snood is the The flap of skin that grows from the base of the turkey's bill and hangs over the bill.

I hope you enjoyed looking at a close up of a turkeys head and maybe learned something you didn't know before. I'm sure you can impress others with your incredible knowledge of turkeys when you attend a dinner at the White House.

God's love and blessings to all,


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