Friday, March 30, 2012

Gas Spill and Just Thinking

This morning was spent running errands to Ukiah in the rain. I had to stop and buy gas. When I hopped out of the car the first thing I noticed was all the rainbow colors from some spilled gas on the pavement.That looks pretty cool I thought and grabbed my camera. While my car was filling I created a few images of some redwood needles lying amidst the spill. When I was finished and returning the handle to the pump I spilled some gas!

While driving away I thought of a variety of thoughts. The first was that it was interesting that a small piece of a Redwood Tree ended up on the pavement next to the gas pump.I live in Redwood country so it's pretty easy for it to get there from being on a car or truck.Perhaps from its tires or the rain washed it off from the top of the vehicle. Then my mind went to the gas. Nationwide there are thousands of gas stations with little gas spills just like the one I just witnessed. Would I want to drink water that had gasoline in it? How much would I be willing to put up with? I pictured a lake and a hand dropping in gasoline from a container. Not the same thing but then end result is the same. Gas and other chemicals do end up in our water supplies.It's an added expense to put filtered drains around gas stations but that's what's required now.Where do we draw the line on how far we need to go to protect ourselves and the environment? How much are we willing to pay at the pump? How far do we go to legislate the control and protection of ourselves and our environment? Lot's of questions sprang to mind that I had no answers for. Just thinking...

God's love and blessings to all,


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