Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fast and Furious

I'm not really sure if today's photoblog title fits for the viewer. From my point of view it really does. Yesterday I spent about two hours in the backyard photoblind. The birds and squirrels were pretty much non stop except for a few breaks provided by the Steller's Jays giving off alarm calls for some predator, probably a hawk that was nearby. I created a lot of work for myself and spent a good part of the day processing images. It was well worth the effort and here are some images from yesterday morning. Chipmunk Golden Crowned Sparrow Dark Eyed Junco Mountain Quail Douglas Tree Squirrel Spotted Towhee God's love and blessings to all, chris


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    1. Thank you very much, tips-smartphone.com !

  2. I love your blog, your photo is really nature

    1. I'm glad that you stopped in for a look apapunnews.blogspot.com. Thank you for your comment.