Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Flehmen!

While driving home yesterday I noticed this Blacktail Buck with a very unusual set of antlers. The beam instead of being broad came up at a sharp angle. The eyeguards were almost as large as antler tines. The tines themselves were rather small. The main beam after coming up leaned in almost giving his antlers a diamond shape. When I spotted him he was following a doe and he was flehming. Curling his lip back and breathing in the doe's pheromones to see if she was ready to breed. Flehming draws air molecules to a bucks Jacobson Organ(vomeronasal organ).In deer, the Jacobson's organ is located in the roof of the mouth and consists of two fluid-filled sacs that are attached to the nasal cavity. This organ can sense when a doe is in estrus. There is your short science lesson for today with a photo to illustrate it. God bless, chris


  1. Every Year the same, the bucks go out and look for female does, the colors of the autumn leaves are very nice.The Buck is also a holy spirit of the woods. Chris what do you think about my blogger-site? I dry´d to open a Adsence Account, but they schott it down because of Terms and Konditions and I dry´d Infolinks afterwards and it was the same thing.
    Maybe you can give me some tips.

    1. Magic worker thank you for stopping by again to check out my photoblog.

      Interesting story you have going there between the Druids and the demons.How do the demons defeat the Druids and get into the city? I think something gets lost in the translation from German to English when I put it into google translator.

      I don't have any tips on adsense because I am not very knowledgeable about it. I'm still trying to figure it out myself and they keep making changes.

    2. Okay the Demons multiplied their Armys, the Druids didn´t know that they had forward to the City.
      That´s wy they multiplied their Armys, the Druids couln´d fight them all at once, because there were to many. Soo the Demons, took the initiative and moved towards the City and moved into the Center of the City. But not all of them made it.
      The Druids build a invisible protective Shield over the City, in the shape of an Dome.
      The rest of the Demons got hit by the invisible protective Shield and vanished.
      The Druids defeat the Demons.
      The Druids in the City, defeat the Demons who are traped inside the City; they can not pass the Shield to escape, nor can the Demons outside pass the Shield to get in to the City. The powers of the Druids are more powerfull than the powers of the Demons, so they get defeated in the City: Vanish and get pulled bag in their Realm, the other ones outside get defeated by the Druids who are outside the City, who build the invisible protective Shield.
      That´s the Story by now.
      I write a little bit more, or shall I say: "the Story is finished."

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    Yüz Germe

  3. Yüz Germe I'm glad to hear that you are finding my blog to be informative for you. Thank you for your visits and comments.