Friday, October 12, 2012

I Can’t Do a Thing With This Hair

Yesterday afternoon I went out to my photoblind.. I wanted to see if I could get a Mountain Quail image. I have been noticing that they have been coming around to the feeders around three o’clock each day. I was a little late in getting out to the photoblind and I ended up spooking about eight quail away. After it happened I figured if I waited them out they would come around again. I was in for a long cold wait. I was just about to call it quits when I could hear quail feeding calls coming from down our patio behind me. They slowly walked past me. I watched and waited until one of them went up onto the mossy perch I had placed next to one of my feeders. Its’ plumage was a little wild looking(bad hair day) but I didn’t care because I had my Mountain Quail image. Mountain Quail are on my list of one the most difficult birds to photograph around my house. The only one that is more difficult is Ravens because they are sooo smart. God’s love and blessings to all, chris


  1. Aww! It's adorable. And great shot!

  2. Thank you very much IsabelleZita. I think they are pretty adorable too.