Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting A Head

This morning I spent a couple of hours in the photoblind in the backyard. There were lots of birds and squirrels and the action was pretty much non stop. A result of all this action is that I created a lot of images. I spent a good part of this afternoon and some of this evening in processing them. Every once in a great while I feel the compulsion to do two photoblog entries in one day.Sometimes it's because I'm a little behind on my blog entries or it's because I have an image that I really want to share and I can't wait until the next day to do it.Today it's the latter case. I really liked how this quail image came out and I wanted to share it with everyone. The Mountain Quail was standing right in front of the photoblind. It was between two mossy rocks when the Steller's Jays let out an alarm call. Everything went silent and all the birds and squirrels in the area froze. This gave me plenty of opportunities to take numerous images of the Mountain Quail. This one however was my favorite. God's love and blessings to all, chris


  1. What a beautiful bird! And as usual an excellent photo. The blue is just vibrant.

  2. PerfectMindStorm I appreciate you for dropping in and checking out today's photoblog. Thank you for your comment!