Sunday, October 28, 2012

Semi Annual Migration or Snake in the Road

One of the interesting observations that I have made over the years has to do with the snake populations where I live. Whenever I find a snake on our dirt road it the fall it is crawling to the west.Whenever I find a snake in the springtime it is crawling over the road to the east. My conclusion is that they are migrating to the warmer side of the ridge. Our ridge top is one of the dividing lines between the interior weather and the coastal weather. On rare occasions it can be foggy in our front yard and sunny in the back.In fall and through out the winter it is much warmer on average on the coastal side of our ridge than the inland side. Today I was walking along our road and my subconscious mind jolted me into instant alert. Lying motionless on the road ahead of me was a Northern Rubber Boa. It was stretched out facing to the west. It was barely moving as it was rather cool and shady. I picked it up and carried it to a mossy location off of the road and photographed it.Then I moved it to a sunny spot where it could warm up and crawl away. What a beautiful snake. God's love and blessings to all, chris


  1. Wow! Are they native to this area, Chris?

    1. Yes, Jane they are. I wouldn't say that they are rare just uncommon. This is the biggest one I have ever seen though.