Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time For a Cool Refreshing Drink

When we landscaped part of our backyard some years ago one of my priorities in the design was to include a small garden pond.It's not very big as far as ponds go. It's about five feet across and about two and a half feet deep.What it lacks in size in easily makes up for by the amount of wildlife it attracts. We have insects,snakes, birds, squirrels and butterflies that all come in to use it. In springtime there is a chorus (if you can call it that) of frogs that come to it to breed. This morning I sat by it waiting for a Douglas Tree Squirrel to come and get a drink from it. After a bit of a wait a young female scurried past me and down to the pond for a cool refreshing drink. She didn't even flinch as I made several exposures of her drinking up her fill. What a wonderful way to start out today. God's love and blessings to you all, chris


  1. Thanks a lot Doronette NF for stopping by for a look and leaving your comment. It helps keep me going!

  2. That´s nice. The Douglas Tree Squirrel is drinking and drinking.
    I got a picture of a Dove drinking out of a Fountain, where the water flows out from stones.I couldn´t catch any Butterflys on Camera, now it´s the autumn season again.

  3. I'm glad you stopped by for a look magiworker! Glad to hear that you got a picture of a Dove drinking. They are a pretty bird. I love their eyes. Autumn is coming on pretty strong here now. We got our first rain today. The fall color will be disappearing fast.thank you for your comment.