Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinner Time or Not for the Squeamish

Today when I was watering I discovered a Green Praying Mantis in the backyard.Manitises are insectevores. That is to say they eat other insects as their food or diet. They can wait patiently for hours on end waiting for an insect to wander too close to them. Then like lightening their forelegs shoot out and grasp their prey. Typically they eat the head off first as this one does with a grasshopper it caught.Here are a few images from dinner time. You may notice that they aren't finicky eaters.

God's love and blessings,



  1. Great shots AND I learned something!
    Did you edit the background post-production or was it shot that way? I like how it really brings the focus in.

    -Kayla Fay

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  3. Amazing but a little bit scarry!
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  4. nice pict..u must waiting for the moment..but i like it...