Friday, January 18, 2019

Somebody's Watching You

Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? I had that same felling when I stepped into the bathroom this afternoon. I was the only one home so it was kind of an eerie felling. That's when I noticed him. Well at least I assumed it was a him. For I'm not exactly an expert at the sex of spiders. Sure enough I looked down into the sink and there was a good sized spider staring up at me with beady, black, little eyes. It didn't seem inclined to run away. In fact it even shared the sink with me when I brushed my teeth. Afterwards I photographed it with my macro lens. Bathroom light isn't flattering to spiders either I've discovered. Some weird color casts. Later tonight I set the Wolf Spider free outside. God's blessings upon your weekend, chris #TeamCanon, #WithMyTamron

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sap Sucker

Living in the forest we find the weirdest bugs at times. I captured this one on the window screen in our bathroom. After photographing it on an old fish fossil I did a Google image search of it before setting it free into the forest. I found out that it is a Western Conifer Seed Bug (WCSB). They feed on the sap of young conifer cones as the cone is developing. Talk about a specialized bug. What a strict diet! This one was photographed with my Canon EOS 7D MkII camera and a Tamron 180mm lens in natural light from a window. God's blessings upon your week, chris #TeamCanon, #WithMyTamron

Friday, January 11, 2019

Play Day in the Rain

It seems like I'm always cleaning out my office/studio. It's finally getting better and one of the biggest jobs left is to clean off my desk. During cleaning we uncovered a small box of costume jewelry. I'm always fascinated by the beautiful of the lines, colors and patterns of pieces from the nineteen forties, fifties and sixtes. They are made of cheap metal but have an inherent beauty. This afternoon it was pouring down rain and the wind was just howling. I could see the bases of the redwoods move. When that's going on it's no time to go outside. Looking for something to do I decided to play around and photograph the jewelry and a tray of Lake County Diamonds we unearthed as well. The diamonds are a very pure form of quartz that were blown out of the earth eons ago during an eruption of Mount Konocti in Lake County. Hence the name for them of Lake County Diamonds. All of the images were created in natural light with a Canon EOS 7D MkII camera and a Tamron 180mm Macro lens. God's love and blessings to all, chris #TeamCanon, #WithMyTamron