Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hidden "Little"Gem of Southeast Wyoming

My penchant for winding gravel roads has lead me over the years to some pretty spectacular places. My rental car didn't think so as I turned off of Highway 34 onto a gravel road earlier this month in southeastern Wyoming. The car protested loudly against the weeds scraping along the bottom of its belly as I slowly drove up a rugged canyon beside Johnson Creek further into the Tom Thorne/Beth Williams Wildlife Habitat Management Area.Along the way were lichen covered rocks with a wide range of colors on display. When I reached Johnson Creek Reservoir I was greeted by a Cottontail Rabbit running "towards" my car. I stopped and climbed out of the car. It continued running towards me and then stopped about six feet away. It looked at me for awhile and the bounded off into the sagebrush. What a place. It even has it's own official greeter! Such a beautiful day. I decided not to drive in any further and risk it with the rental car. I just enjoyed the lake and the beautiful scenery surrounding it until I felt the urge to move on.This would be a great place for a morning of fishing and a picnic. God's precious light and love to all, chris

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