Friday, July 14, 2017

Just a Little Lack of Sleep or Downtown Gdansk, Poland

We got back from a trip to Europe the day before yesterday. We had little to no sleep for over 30 hours on the return trip home. Traveling home was pretty tiring. On the train and the plane I caught snatches of sleep here and there but I was always awoken by someone bumping me or the airline crew announcing something on the intercom. Overall we had a really nice trip with only a few small accidents. Lenore crashed her bike in Poland with minor scratches. She is quite athletic and knows how to fall gracefully! On the last day in the airport a lady tripped me with her bag and I slammed down pretty hard on the thin carpet with concrete underneath. My right knee caught the brunt of it and it is pretty swollen and sore. Trip wise we visited, Copenhagen Denmark, Växjö Sweden, Gdansk Poland and Torrevieja Spain. We spent close to a week in each spot. My favorite place had to be Gdansk, Poland on the Baltic Sea. I really loved the mix of forests, beaches and the old historic city. This morning I spent some time uploading images to my computer. This image from downtown Gdansk really caught my eye. I really like the leading lines and the composition. There will be more to follow in the coming weeks.
This image was created with a handheld and braced Canon 7D mkII camera and a Tamron 18-200mm lens.The settings used were AV mode, ISO 800, F11.0 @ .6sec. #TeamCanon, #takenwithmytamron

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