Saturday, March 16, 2019

Giants Among Us

Yesterday I finally got around to stacking the last of our firewood. It was from a small pile that was more of a mess of bark and debris than firewood. I had to use a rake to pull and scrape down to find the wood. The wood will be great to burn next fall when it dries out. Not unexpectedly at the very bottom of the pile my rake uncovered a giant. A Pacific Giant Salamander to be exact. It was a good sized one too. Just a little over ten inches long. Bigger ones can get up to twelve inches. Sadly this one didn't bark at me. They can and sometimes do! Not quite the bark of a dog but a guttural sound. I photographed it on a chunk of mossy bark and then let it go. God's blessings upon your weekend, chris Photographed with a Canon 7D MkII camera and a Tamron 180mm macro lens. #TeamCanon, #TakenWithMyTamron


  1. Replies
    1. I agree they have got quite the mouth on them. Ones of this size can even eat field mice.