Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Simple Set Ups

The past three mornings I went out into the yard and created some simple set ups. On the first day I duct taped a branch to the side of a small platform feeder  about ten feet out from one of our bedrooms. Within minutes of setting it up the birds were using it.  I got some nice images from it. The second morning I grabbed an old knothole feeder I had lying around and I used some wood screws to attach it to the same post. The birds loved it and so did I. This morning I added a fall colored background behind the feeder. For some reason the birds weren't as cooperative. I had a long, long wait before the birds started using the feeder. Eventually they came in and  I was able to create some images. I hope that you are all enjoying your week. God's love and blessings to all, chris


  1. Set up looks great with the background. we are getting a family of blackbirds to the garden and I have had so much pleasure watching them throw up all the woodchip searching for grubs - also hearing an owl at night (if only we could capture him on camera, went for a walk to try to locate his perch but of course it was impossible to find where he hides out).

  2. Owls are so hard to find! I tend to happen upon them when I'm not looking for them!