Friday, September 2, 2011

All in a Morning's Work

I set out this morning to see if I could capture a few deer images. I grabbed my camera and telephoto as I walked out the door. I forgot my tripod which I could kick myself for now as a number of my images aren't as sharp as they should be and so will end up in th trash. After dropping off Annika I went back to one of my old haunts for deer and found quite a few bucks there. It was a challenge as they were all in mixed lighting with a lot of distracting elements in the backgrounds. If I had my tripod I would have been more mobile. As it was I had to keep moving my truck here and there to try and get the best positions possible. The deer have just lost their velvet and it was hanging down on a few of them. The acorns have started dropping so they had those to eat in plentiful supply to bulk up on for the rut and the winter ahead.
After leaving the bucks I stopped by Lake Emily and photographed some Queen Anne's Lace and one lone lizard who had just come out onto the rocks to warm themselves. I also got one image of some cattails with the lakes reflection in the backfround. It was an awesome way to start off today.

God's light and precious love to all,


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