Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Bit of Whimsy

This morning I was up bright and early. Mostly because I had to drop off Jay at six -thirty for early morning Cross Country practice. When I returned home after doing some deer photogrphy I decided to set up an old knothole feeder next to my photo blind. I sat there for about an hour getting some beautiful Bandtail Pigeon images. But this is what really caught my eye. I just had to create an image of it. I loved the lighting and the little curve and all the textures. Here is the result. I think it's pretty cool.Those of you that follow my photoblog will probably have little difficulty in figuring out what it is. So what is it? If you are unsure check out the labels below for the answer. No cheating!

Have a beautiful day and God's blessings to you,


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