Friday, September 9, 2011

Mad, Mad Mix

Today when I took Annika to school about eight this morning it was already 75F. It has been a warm day. I headed to the big city of Ukiah today to stock up on supplies. On the way down I took a spin through the White Deer Ranch looking for some white deer. Not a one was to be located. I did manage to get a nice image of one of this years young wild turkeys flying off from the side of the road. they were the only critters I spotted on my trip to Ukiah.

On the return trip I stopped off at Lake Ada Rose where I chased the Western Fence Lizards for a bit. A dragonfly stopped to model for me on a cattail tip. Finally the sun got to me and I headed home up on the ridge. As I was pulling into the driveway a Western Gray squirrel scampered up a tree next to the car. Finally I settled into the house with a nice cool drink. I'll unload the car when the temps drop this evening.
God bless,


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